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My name is Edgil Nelson and I have 32 years of accounting experience with small businesses in and around the Greater Victoria area.  During my career as a corporate controller, I was a member of the Society of Management Accountants of BC and held a CMA designation.  I have trained and supervised a full accounting staff for most of that time. I have had extensive experience in accounting systems, bookkeeping systems, accounting software, payroll, personal income tax, government filings and audits.

Since  1998 I have been offering comprehensive accounting, bookkeeping and income tax services as well as business consulting  for small businesses in the our region.


May we ask you?


Do you have a business that is incorporated or not?

Do you have a small business with or without an existing bookkeeping system?  

Do you have a payroll to prepare on a regular basis?

Do you require government filings for GST or PST?

Do you pay PST on purchases that may be exempt and therefore qualify for a PST refund?

Do you require personal or corporate income tax preparation?

Do you want to know what your financial statements are telling you?

Do you ever ask yourself, should I or shouldn't I incorporate?


    If you answer any of the above with yes, then we can help you. 


fax: 1-866-301-3098